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Zakynthos - The Island of Culture & Civilization



Across the northeast coastline of Zakynthos (Zante) lay 6 vardiolas, built by the venetians during the occupation of the island in the 18th century. These small stone buildings were used as watchtowers with the obvious purpose of detecting any suspicious or enemy ships coming from the east.

These stone buildings are some of the few of archeological interest still standing on the island and should be protected as historical monuments by the Greek State and local administration.

About a week ago, the Municipality of Arkadion, (one of the six municipalities in Zakynthos island) started digging up the area around one of these vardiolas (Vardiola Beloussi, near the village of Kypseli) to build a cantina! As you may see in the picture above, the surroundings of the building is totally ruined!

It seems that the only culture left in this place is the one of carelessness, money and self-interest

Welcome to the island of culture & civilization...

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